Strategies for Research-Centered Education of Architectural Designing by Examining the Research-Centered Activities of the Top Universities

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Department of Art and Architecture, West Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Today, quality of life and the existence of any state depends on the country's comprehensive system of science mainly covers two areas of education and research. From how the existence of people is in private and individual matters though problems of development and growth of each country refer to knowledge, wisdom and then the ability and influence of them. Accordingly, one of the roots of the problems, backwardness and issues of each society should be searched in the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of knowledge, education and research of that country. In fact, there is no specific training program in schools of architecture; also, it was not possible referring to the tradition and that would not be logical. What is facing architectural education and can improve architectural education in Iran is to have a flexible approach to the issue of education in the world. The most important strategy in recent years was to adopt methodologies that have had object-oriented look at the architecture, an affair thatis influenced from transforming "knowledge" to "research". In this regard, it is presented the success factors of analyzed top universities and strategies according to the current state of research-oriented education of architecture (the author).


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