Investigation of lifestyle and identity Changes of Khorramabad Residents in Iran

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1 Department of Social Sciences, PayameNour University, p.o box: 19395-4697, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Social Science, Faculty of Humanities, Guilan University, Guilan, Iran


Lifestyle is one of the most important factors that has a determinant effect on identity and finds meaning by being selective in everyday life, so that, lifestyle and the determination of a part of it in other areas, and including identity has become more important contrary to traditional society in the contemporary society, due to the emergence of consuming society. The lifestyle has transformed the coherent identities and relatively stable traditional attitudes with rethinking and reflective feature and the power of selection that it has created for individuals and into a variety of sources for the identification and creation of attachments, and has created numerous and diverse sources of identity, and creating the attachments, commitment, and also distinctions and differentiations related to the identity. This paper was conducted with the aim of examining the relationship between lifestyle, and ethnic and national identity of citizens in Khorramabad and survey technique and questionnaire tools have been used to collect data. The statistical population is the citizens of Khorramabad. Also, 516 individuals were selected as the statistical sample using Cochran formula. The results of the research indicate that the modern style is effective 0.5 on national identity and has an effect of -0.21 on ethnic identity. Also, the traditional style has an effect of 0.24 on ethnic identity and 0.31 on national identity. Modern lifestyle has a greater effect on national identity than ethnic identity. Additionally, the effect of traditional lifestyle on national identity is more than ethnic identity. The structural equation model also indicates that the GFI fit index is equal to 0.49, and the AGF, CFI and RMR indices also indicate a good and acceptable fit of the model. Furthermore, the RMSEA index that shows the residual values is equal to 0.047, that its low value indicates that the model has a relatively desirable fit. The changes caused by the Interference of traditional and modern systems and the conflicts resulting from it in Khorramabad have been led to form various issues, and including the issues related to the identity. In brief, it can be said that Khorramabad is experiencing a transition that there is a possibility of rethinking and challenging the cultural and identity building elements in it. In fact, it can be said that the changes caused by the new lifestyle have challenged the traditional structure of this city and left behind its consequences.


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Volume 02, Issue 01
March 2018
Pages 51-59
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