Summative Evaluation of Teacher Performance by Secondary School Students

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Educational Foundations, University of Uyo, Nigeria


The classroom as a micro-system is typified by many socio-psychological characteristics.  These characteristics are perceived differently by the students.  In this research, the link between students’ rating of formal teachers’ characteristics and their academic performance in social studies summative evaluation typified by the Junior Secondary Certificate Examination result was investigated.  The teacher efficacy characteristics being examined vis-à-vis students’ academic performance in social studies are:  1) instructional practices, and 2) interpersonal relationships.  A sample of 600 Junior Secondary Three (9th grade) students in public secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria was surveyed.  Students’ academic performance in social studies summative evaluation differed significantly on the basis of their ratings of teachers’ instructional practices and interpersonal relationships respectively.  Implications for practice and research in the teaching-learning processes are suggested.


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