Study of The Interactions of Human Resource Performance and Electronic Human Resource Management in Small Companies

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Human Resources, Faculty of Humanities Sciences, University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan


TheUltimate objective of the current study is to explore the impact of e-HRM (i. e., operational e-HRM, relational eHRM, and transformational e-HRM) on workforce-performance in a rural area of Pakistan. Most of the studies on the issue of e-HRM and its impact on workforce performance are carried out on the sample of developed countries and in rare cases, the researchers have formally documented the impact of e-HRM on workforce performance in developing countries. Therefore, the current study has focused on developing region such as Pakistan to fulfill the neglected area. Three hypotheses were proposed to analyze the relationship of e-HRM components on Workforce performance. Data is collected by using questionnaire and SPSS version 20 was used as a statistical tool. Findings of the study revealed that there is a significant positive relation between operational e-HRM and Workforce Performance. However, there is an insignificant relationship between Relational e-HRM and Transformational e-HRM with Workforce performance. Therefore, the current study found that Operational e-HRM is compatible for rural Industries in Khushab as compared to Relational e-HRM and Transformational e-HRM. Hence, this study contributed to the body of knowledge by covering the developing area of the globe. The current study is more important for practitioners for implementation of e-HRM practices. Furthermore, it is also valuable for three industries (Habib Jute Mills Ltd, Pak Kuwait Textiles Ltd, Sally Textile Mills Ltd) of Khushab.  


Volume 05, Issue 01
March 2021
Pages 24-32
  • Receive Date: 07 January 2021
  • Revise Date: 29 January 2021
  • Accept Date: 17 February 2021
  • First Publish Date: 17 February 2021