The Effect of Sleep Distraction by Ground Travel in different longitude and Latitude on serum Cortisol and Testosterone and behavior manner in youth soccer Players

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physical education,islamic azad university of sari,sari,iran



The goal of research is determine effect of sleep distraction due to ground travel on serum
Cortisol and Testosterone and behavior manner of youth soccer Players. In this regard 15 youth
soccer players with age average 18/40±1/24 and height 167/66±6/22cm and weight
66/26±7/28kg after two days travel during three weeks in different Iran longitude and latitude
and then created distraction in sleep due to Gorgan to Tehran travel and from Gorgan to
Khorramabad at night were comparison in Gorgan. Results of variance analysis with repated
measuring in soccer players shown significant decrease of Testosterone from Gorgan to Tehran
(P=0.000) but increase from Gorgan to Khoramabad. From other hand, distraction in ground
travel sleep caused for significant increase of Cortisol in tested persons after travel from Gorgan
to Tehran(P=0.003) but we have no significant increase in Cortisol after Gorgan to Khoramabad
travel (P=1.000) and T/C relation show with significant decrease from Gorgan to Terhan
(P=0.000), but without significant increase of T/C of soccer players from Gorgan to
Khoramabad(P=0.805). Total grades of manner and behavior between Gorgan and Tehran as are
not significant due to statistic ( P=1), have significant increase and have distraction between
players after travel from Tehran to Khoramabad(P=0.031) . Results shown that ground travel and
its distracted disorder may cause to Endocrine system and have considerable effect on manner
and behavior response as a function of duration of travel.


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