The Importance and Effects of Education in Strategic Human Resources Development (HRD)

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Management, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela


Strategic development of human resources in its extensive meaning tries to combine training and improving personnel, organizational growth and job advancement. In order to grow people, groups and organizations effectively. In the field of strategic improvement of human resources, books, articles and research works are published. Therefore, we tried to use these resources and analyze the role of education in strategic development of human resource. This research is applied and descriptive. The data collection tool includes all scientific resources about this subject. Results show that the goals of improving human resources is to include intellectual investment of organization by knowledge management and changed human investment into structural investment. Although improving human resources nowadays has a concept beyond job education and preparing personnels to accept more responsibilities, but the process of changing an organization, beneficiaries, internal groups and personnels take place by learning and they attain their knowledge and skills for future. To achieve this goal, we need organizational strategy to direct human resources according to planning.