Number of Articles: 165

77. Investigation of Safety Conditions at Gymnasia in Different Organizations

Volume 03, Issue 02, Spring 2019, Pages 70-74


Kourosh Kimasi; Vahid Shojaei; Mohammad Reza Boroumand

79. Impediments of Political Development and International threats in Yemen

Volume 02, Issue 02, Spring 2018, Pages 114-117


Ahmad Zaidon; Iman Jafarian

82. Evaluation the Intellectual Capitals in the Company’s Financial Performance

Volume 01, Issue 04, Autumn 2017, Pages 187-193


Nader Bouhlooli; Mojtaba Mali

85. The Mental Health of Preschool Children and the Role of Instructors on them

Volume 03, Issue 01, Winter 2019, Pages 34-36


Bassey Upikang; Hossein Amiri Dogaheh

87. Investigation of lifestyle and identity Changes of Khorramabad Residents in Iran

Volume 02, Issue 01, Winter 2018, Pages 51-59


Noredin Alahdadi; Mohammad Razaghi

88. The Effects of Leadership and Employment in Technical Capabilities of Sport Teams

Volume 03, Issue 02, Spring 2019, Pages 75-80


Mohammad Heidari; Shahriyar Ghasemi; Rasoul Heidari

89. Investigation Rate of Emotional Intelligence in Physical Education Teachers in Zanjan Province

Volume 01, Issue 02, Spring 2017, Pages 104-108


Saeed Yarmohammadi; Nasser Taghibigloo

90. Investigation of International Students Quality on Educational Services

Volume 02, Issue 02, Spring 2018, Pages 118-123


Hamidah Aziz; Farah Abdolghader

91. Error Analysis of TEFL Students in their Written Production

Volume 01, Issue 03, Summer 2017, Pages 153-157


Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaie

95. The Economic Impacts of Historical Water Reservoirs and Ghanat in Ancient Iran

Volume 03, Issue 03, Summer 2019, Pages 210-214


Jafar Rahimi; Sayed Abdalreza Mostafavi

96. The Effect of Print-rich media on Learning Language in Kids

Volume 01, Issue 01, Winter 2017, Pages 34-42


Ng Pei Ferna; Yeo Kee Jiar

97. A Review of e-Entrepreneurship in the net economy and its Economic Impacts

Volume 03, Issue 04, Autumn 2019, Pages 215-219


Maryam Asadollahi Kheirabadi; Javad Rafieian

100. Water Resource Management and Water Tension in Iran

Volume 03, Issue 04, Autumn 2019, Pages 232-235


Lee Chen; Ahmad Ghazi; Xie Feng