Number of Articles: 182

8. Examining the Relation between Life Style and General Mental Health

Volume 02, Issue 02, June 2018, Pages 60-66


Behzad Hakiminya; Leila Parnian

13. To Study the Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its Comorbidity with personality disorders among veterans of Tehran

Volume 02, Issue 01, March 2018, Pages 6-13


Kaveh Oveisi; Maryam Esmaeilimotlagh; Fereshteh Alizadeh; Maryam Asadollahi Kheirabadi

15. Study of Hospital Quality Management and Improvement Rates in the Hospitals

Volume 01, Issue 01, March 2017, Pages 7-11


Elaheh Farzadnia; Zahra Hosseini; Ahmad Riahi

16. Descriptive valuation pattern in education and training system: a mixed study

Volume 03, Issue 01, March 2019, Pages 7-12


Maryam Asadollahi Kheirabadi; Zahra Mirzaei

17. Attachment Style and Alexithymia Correlation among University Students

Volume 03, Issue 02, June 2019, Pages 45-49


Roya Fasihi; Ramezan Hasanzadeh; Ghahraman Mahmoudi

19. Civil Liability of Air carrier in Delays

Volume 02, Issue 02, June 2018, Pages 67-75


Samira Mazaheri; Zeinab Basiri

20. Interaction of Urban Life and Rural Life

Volume 01, Issue 03, September 2017, Pages 115-118


S. Saeedi; M. Mighani

21. The Effect of Virtual Reality Exercises on Dynamic Balance of Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Volume 03, Issue 03, September 2019, Pages 123-128


Amir Dana; Amir Hamzeh Sabzi; Efstathios Christodoulides

24. Suitable Delivery System in Small E-Commerce Companies

Volume 02, Issue 04, December 2018, Pages 167-171


Fereshteh Alizadeh; Mina Lahiji

25. Technical Review of National Accounting Software

Volume 04, Issue 01, March 2020, Pages 11-15


Nabil Zahed; Osman Al Rafat